Dancing with Tex – The Remarkable Friendship to Save the Whooping Cranes: Based on the True Story of George Archibald and Tex, a Rare Whooping Crane

Book Cover image Dancing with Tex

Lynn Sanders’ Dancing with Tex

This unusual story about the relationship between a man and a bird, so beautifully told by Lynn Sanders and illustrated brilliantly by Sergio Drumond, is an example of the many  efforts needed to help endangered species survive the impacts of modern humans.” 
George Archibald, The World’s “Crane Ambassador,” Co-founder, The International Crane Foundation, Award-winning conservationist.

“I LOVE this book! It teaches kids in a real way how anyone can make a difference in positively affecting our world.  Parents and children will both love this story.”
TeresaDe Grobois, International Speaker, Influence expert, Founder of Evolutionary Business Council, Wildfire Academy, Four times best-selling author.

A beautiful and compelling, real-life story of love and caring between a human and his endangered, feathered friend.  Not only was it a joy to read, but the author powerfully makes her point that it is up to all of us to make sure that earth’s creatures are allowed to survive, and to thrive. Thank you, Lynn Sanders, for the heartwarming way you educated us, and Sergio Drumond for your terrific illustrations.”
Bob Burg, internationally best-selling author, sought-after speaker, coauthor of TheGo-Giver

GeorgeArchibald has inspired me and many others through his accomplishments and dedication.  This delightful, charmingly illustrated, story of his experiences with Tex shows young readers the value of hard work, persistence, and friendship.”
Jane Chandler, Patuxent Crane Flock Manager, 1990-2014.

We’re glad to see a book that helps connect young people with endangered birds. Every one of those connections is an opportunity to spark a new conversation, save another species and leave behind a world that’s still full of wonder and the wild.”
Kieran Suckling, Executive Director, Center for Biological Diversity.

A unique story wrapped up in a wonderfully illustrated book with a special message for the conservation of cranes.”
Roger Lederer, Founder of Ornithology.com.

“I loved this fascinating true story about the transformational power behind a unique friendship.  Inspiring for children too!”
Sonia Choquette, globally celebrated and dynamic spiritual teacher, consultant, storyteller, and transformational visionary guide.