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Bullet Holes Lethal Injections and Hiccups

Susan Louise St John, MFA writes screenplays and novels.

Bullet Holes, Lethal Injections, and Hiccups is a dark comedy about Leah, a young wife who dares escape her abusive husband Jake. She buys a gun, knowing it’s kill or die. To leave Jake alive means she’ll never be free. He’ll chase her down—not to bring her home this time but to kill her. Is he dead? Or did he survive? As she flees the death penalty state, she suspects she’s failed. She can practically feel her husband dogging her heels.

Unbeknownst to Leah, Whitaker, a dedicated cop, possibly suffering from PTSD, is chasing the husband he believes either has or will kill his lovely missing wife. Whitaker, who has a history of falling in love with dead women, fights the attraction he feels for the redheaded wife, but knows he will do anything to prevent Leah Hollander from becoming just another crime statistic.

Further complicating matters, both men are being chased by a grieving, shotgun-toting drunk who believes to his core that if he kills the wife-beating husband of his dead wife’s best friend, then his dead wife will return to him and reward his righteous deed.

The catalysts to all these misadventures? The “cursed” and notorious painting of a dragon, and the misidentification of a dead cat, which is believed to be the fleeing (or dead) wife’s beloved grand-champion Persian.

The chase, spanning from tornado-torn Kansas to the convention halls of a cat show in Daytona Beach, Florida, is on, and misadventures abound. Laugh out loud, and cheer on your favorite character, because it’s a darn hard book to put down.

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