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I love reading! Knowing what people read and why they read that book or article fascinates me. Writing book reviews helps you in many ways besides supporting your friend or cause.

I don’t always trust Amazon reviews because I know how the Bestseller system is rigged. I can say this because I paid $3,000 in the early 2000s to learn how authors promoted their books. If you want to work with Joy Publications as an author, we don’t care if you are a Bestselling author or not. We want your book to express you, clearly state your message, and doesn’t embarrass you. If your an entrepreneur, we’re here to help you attract clients, customers, and business connections.3. 

Consider writing book reviews here and on Amazon. Help others and get your name seen everywhere as the expert in your business field.

Why You Want to Review a Book

5 Benefits You Get for Writing a Book Review for Your Friend

  1.  Give support to a great cause

      2.  Voice your opinion

     3.  Help your community

     4.  Give back

      5.  Support the author

Get this Super Benefit for Your Business by Writing a Book Review

When you post a book review on Joy Publications website, you get backlinks to your website, a call to action (CTA) at the end of your review, and links to your social media accounts. Write reviews for your target market and get seen as the expert. Plus, we drive traffic to your reviews from our extensive influencer social media accounts.

Here is a suggested format for short book reviews:

Joy Publications Book Review Format

Paragraph One SUMMARY
What’s the book about?

Paragraph Two
Why did you like it?

Paragraph Three
What did it do for you?

Take a selfie of you reading the book or an interesting photo of the book.

Include a short bio, a Call to Action, your website link, and profile photo.

Send the review and photos to me at JeanetteJOY@gmail.com.

We reserve the right to edit for grammar according to Grammarly & Joy Publications Standards.

Let Me Bring JOY to Your Life!


P.S. I was a natural Bestselling Author without doing a spammy Amazon campaign from 2002 to 2006. Instead of giving away my friends “gifts,” I sold books by Article Marketing.  Today, Content Marketing is Article Marketing without all the duplicate content. Add in Social Media and you have a recipe for increasing impact, influence, and income.

Katie Fisher preparing morning sales (Most were 2-book orders.)

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Book Review Format

Hello from Jeanette JOY Fisher, Publisher I love reading! Knowing what people read and why they read that book or article fascinates me. Writing book reviews helps you in many ways besides supporting your friend or cause. I don't always trust Amazon...