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Author Cynthia Hopper

Cynthia Hopper was raised in upper-middle-class Vienna, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC.

Cynthia’s parents were each successful in real estate—her father in investing and developing, her mother as a million-dollar club agent. They provided the trappings that status suggested, the custom home, new Cadillacs, pleasure boating on the weekends; you get the picture. Cynthia believed that was how life was for everyone and that prosperity was a given.

She took it all for granted and had no understanding or appreciation for the lessons that surrounded her.

Just at the time her parents could have begun mentoring her in the ways of business, she rebelled. While her peers were going off to college and preparing for careers and adulthood, Cynthia took off on her own.

Instead of learning about real estate and financial freedom, she learned hard lessons of life on the road. She worked at low-paying jobs, in retail, food service, or whatever else would pay her bills. Like anyone with limited income, her meager earnings always left her with more month than money.

The old saying proved to be true: Necessity is the mother of invention. So, Cynthia began learning how to stretch every dollar. She became obsessed with how to do more with less.

Along the way, she learned to be frugal and to use credit to its best advantage. After years of learning and practicing, Cynthia finds “free money,” to “play the game . . . and win!” Now she teaches others how to do the same.

A lot of people have never known the good life. Cynthia did and threw it away. The takeaway is no matter where we start, we can end up needing more financial security . . . and freedom. This is Cynthia’s mission: to share her wisdom of what works to gain financial freedom and to help others.

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Cynthia Hopper’s FREE Money Now!

She recognizes how our system is often set up to see us fail financially. From credit card nonsense to opportunities for discounts, to being seduced by our wants instead of our needs. Cynthia has lived it, overcome the challenges, and is now your best teacher and mentor.

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