The Queen of Small Business—Barbara Loraine— Shares Startup Marketing Strategies

The problem is, 60% of households really need to make more money, as reported by The Hamilton Project. And, while starting a small business can be a great solution, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 50% of new businesses fail within five years!

Barbara Loraine is on a mission to empower 30,000 people to start-up, grow-up, and beef-up their incomes – by growing successful small businesses,

There’s a saying that half of any venture’s success comes from their marketing. So, Loraine teaches marketing and offers business promotions.

As evidence of her passion for people’s dreams, Loraine traveled the country for six months, interviewing fearless entrepreneurs and gathering their success stories – for the documentary movie, “The Elephant In Your Room.” As Loraine tells it, “Tony Robbins says people want to feel convinced they will succeed before they will commit. That’s what the movie is designed to do, to show how others are creating success, and you can too.”



Inspiration alone isn’t enough to make a difference, though. So Loraine is planning a 30-city tour with Small Biz Success America events, where the movie will be shown, and where top business speakers, a vendor expo, and an engaging networking event will prepare people to get into business or grow their existing business. The movie and the events are scheduled to launch in 2018.

“People want to make more money now,” Loraine exclaims as she begins to tell about her projects for 2017.  “I can’t wait for the events to help people get lit up about their real business potentials. ” So, with her success partner, publisher, social media and publicity expert, Jeanette Joe Fisher, she is launching the “Joy & Success Show,” where, in 10 minutes, guests each share 3 Tips for Success.

An award-winning author and speaker, Loraine has developed do-it-yourself programs for “OMG ROI”:  “Lead Generation, (which includes the book “Email Marketing Profits”), Sales Funnel,” and “Video Marketing.”

A serial entrepreneur, Loraine’s first venture was at six years old in suburban Detroit, when she picked up bottles and cans in her wagon, to return for the deposit money.  Years later, she had a Family Entertainment Room with pinball machines, pool tables, and video games, followed by a delivery service called West Coast Messenger, and various other ventures.

After receiving her Master’s Degree in Human Behavior, Loraine turned her attention to helping businesses – and people – get more of what they want.  With a background in psychology, business, and marketing, Loraine is uniquely qualified to share ideas and methods for success.

Photo of Author Barbara Loraine

Author Barbara Loraine

Some of Loraine’s career highlights include:

  • Teaching Self-Discipline for Futures Traders at the Chicago Board of Trade,
  • Coaching ESPN heavyweight boxers at their training camp in Ruidoso, New Mexico,
  • Adjunct faculty at National University, teaching Leadership, Team Building, and Business
  • Columnist with the San Diego Daily Transcript
  • Personal development coaching for salespeople and professionals
  • Public access television show, showcasing San Diego businesses


Barbara Loraine's Email Marketing Profits for OMG ROI Book Cover

Barbara Loraine’s Email Marketing Profits for OMG ROI