by Barbara Loraine About Author Cynthia Hopper

What’s the book about?

Free Money Now! provides a wake-up call: “They are out to get you . . . and your money.” More than that, it offers a step-by-step plan for avoiding the usual pitfalls and “beating them at their own game.” Who’s the “them?’ Banks and Dirty Tricks Men who want to pull the wool over your eyes and get their hands in your pockets.

Why did I like it?

I learned a lot. Plus it was a great reminder of what I know, but haven’t taken action on – yet! I feel very motivated to improve my financial game, since reading Cindy’s book.

What did it do for me?

I feel confident that, since Cindy could improve her money situation, I can too. And, I learned:

  • Watch out for Dirty Tricks Men
  • Focus on the results I want and resist temptation
  • How to build and maintain a record-keeping system
  • Things to do to make myself more attractive to lenders
  • How to get 0% credit
  • “The banks want my money. I want Free Money Now!”
  • Reminder of Maslow’s Hierarchy and Covey’s Time Management



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