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I love reading! I’d like to know what people are reading and why. I don’t always trust Amazon reviews because I know the Bestseller system is gamed. I can say this because I paid about $3,000 in the early 2000s to find out how authors promoted their books. If you want to work with Joy Publications as an author, I don’t care if you are a Bestselling author or not. I want your book to express you and to help you attract clients, customers, and business connections.

There are at least two reasons for you to consider writing book reviews here and on Amazon. One, to help others. Two, to help get your name seen everywhere as the expert in your market.

No one wants to read a lot of information online. So, here is a suggested format for short reviews.

Joy Publications Book Review Format

Paragraph One SUMMARY
What’s the book about?

Paragraph Two
Why did you like it?

Paragraph Three
What did it do for you?

Take a selfie of you reading the book or an interesting photo of the book.

Include a short bio, a Call to Action, your website link, and profile photo.

Send the review and photo to me at JeanetteJOY@gmail.com.

We reserve the right to edit for grammar according to Grammarly & Joy Publications Standards.

If we like your reviews, we will add you as a featured columnist. Then you get a profile page promoting your business, website, and social media profiles.

P.S. Yes, I was a natural Bestselling Author Amazon without doing the campaign. I did it by Article Marketing. I believe you can do it by Content Marketing and Social Media Influence today.

Let Me Bring JOY to Your Life!