Create a Joyous Life with Help From Jeanette JOY

“Let me bring JOY to your life!” says author Jeanette JOY Fisher. She’s the author of books on design psychology, real estate investing, making money, credit, home staging, and sex.

As the founder of Joy Publications, she also acts as editor and publisher but is most anxious to find the right JOYTOTHEHOMEJOURNAL editor so she can write more books. Fisher also founded Joy Publicity for entrepreneurs and Premier Agent Media for real estate professionals.

Her social media influence has taken her around the world working with peace projects for PlatinumCircle.Org.

Author Jeanette JOY Fisher with Actor Kelsey Grammer

Author Jeanette JOY Fisher & Kelsey Grammer

Books by Jeanette JOY Fisher
Introduction to Design Psychology (Textbook)
The Truth about Making Money Flipping Houses
Design Psychology for Selling Houses
The Power of Home
Credit Tips for Mortgage Financing
Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars: Using Design Psychology to Increase Real Estate Profits
Doghouse to Dollars: Turn “Yucks into Bucks” Investor’s Guide
Home Staging with Design Psychology: Sell Your Home for Top Dollar
Home Staging for Top-Dollar Sales Planner: Marketing Psychology
Credit Help! Get the Credit You Need to Buy Real Estate
Seven Secrets to Joyous Home Design
Flip That House with FAUX (about the TV show)
Joy to the Home® (Design Psychology Trade Secrets for Joy to the Home Realty & Design)
Journal for Joy: Design for Joyous Living
How to Have Better Sex, Lose Weight, Make Millions, and Eat
Satisfy Your Soul through Joyous Living
Money Mansion: Host Events & Profit in Your Dream Home
Depression to Joy through Creativity