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Jeanette JOY

Sample Press Release



Barbara Loraine, Show Co-Host


Press Release, for Immediate Release. Tampa, Florida. November 12, 2017

The problem is 76% of people need to make more money. Starting a small business can be a great solution, but nearly 80% of new businesses fail! The good news is; everyone can learn from those who have cracked the code and created successful businesses. In each show, guests on the JOY & SUCCESS SHOW provide three tips to ensure greater success.

Award-winning author, trainer, and documentary film producer, Barbara Loraine and her success partner, publisher, social media and publicity expert, Jeanette Joy Fisher, are launching the JOY & SUCCESS SHOW. As the show introduction says, the 10-minute show provides “inspiration, information, and motivation to help people create more joy and success.” Loraine and Fisher interview guests who are experts in various aspects of business.

“Guests are from all different industries and cities across the country,” says Loraine. Each guest shares “3 Success Tips” plus a free downloadable gift with the audience, which is made up of people who want to start a business, grow their current business, or start a side business – all to make more money and have more fulfilling and joy-filled lives.

3 Key Points from JOY & SUCCESS SHOW:

  1. “Success leaves clues,” as Tony Robbins says. People can learn from the interviews with guests, who are each on their own success paths.
  2. People have untapped resources ideas, resources, and connects – that can be turned into a successful venture.
  3. There are a gazillion ways to make more money

The show will be broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, as available on demand on the show’s website, Joy Radio Network and at

LORAINE is co-host of the JOY & SUCCESS SHOW. In addition, she is an author, speaker, and international trainer on the topics of small business success and digital marketing. Loraine is an award-winning author with books including, Email Marketing Profits, Sales Funnel Success, and Video Marketing (available soon on


For more information or to arrange an interview with Loraine, please contact