Me, not Me

Announcing Kayt Campbell’s Me, Not Me
Me, not Me helps you learn how to distinguish your actions to attain happiness. As part of Joy Publications positive psychology series, Kayt Campbell’s book shares her wisdom gleaned from hundreds of self help books and programs. Kayt shares an easy to read and practice system.

 About the Author
For over 30 years Kayt Campbell has helped students and friends sift through their lives to follow their passions.

 What others say about Kayt…

“I just read it! I love it — Me, Not Me inspired me and made it easy to see things so clearly.” Keats Elliot, Los Angeles, CA

“I’m familiar with most of the roots of what you’ve put together so simply in this process. But I had no idea how powerful it would be. Big surprise… there’s a difference between thinking and experiencing, huh? Your words are deeply infused with your voice, humor, and love. You have made something precious. ” ~ Linda Decker, NY

      Nearly 40 years of distilling a bank of knowledge into a simple, quick to learn, and easy to apply technology resulted in this book.

Me, Not Me  is about attention and experience, the relationships of attention and experience to each other, and how to use attention to change experience.

Learn who you really are, to differentiate that from what you are not, and how to live a life that shows it.

Kayt’s book is available today for only $7.00. Simply click on the PayPal button below and download your copy. This is the PDF copy of the upcoming print book.

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