Author: Jeanette JOY Fisher

Author Cynthia Hopper

Author of Free Money Now Helps People Win Financial Credit Game   Cynthia Hopper was raised in upper-middle-class Vienna, Virginia, just outside Washington, DC. Cynthia’s parents were each successful in real estate—her father in investing and developing, her mother as a million-dollar club agent. They provided the trappings that status suggested, the custom home, new Cadillacs, pleasure boating on the weekends; you get the picture. Cynthia believed that was how life was for everyone and that prosperity was a given. She took it all for granted and had no understanding or appreciation for the lessons that surrounded her. Just at...

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Author Barbara Loraine

The Queen of Small Business—Barbara Loraine— Shares Startup Marketing Strategies The problem is, 60% of households really need to make more money, as reported by The Hamilton Project. And, while starting a small business can be a great solution, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 50% of new businesses fail within five years! Barbara Loraine is on a mission to empower 30,000 people to start-up, grow-up, and beef-up their incomes – by growing successful small businesses, There’s a saying that half of any venture’s success comes from their marketing. So, Loraine teaches marketing and offers business promotions....

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Bullet Holes, Lethal Injections, & Hiccups

Susan Louise St John, MFA writes screenplays and novels. Bullet Holes, Lethal Injections, and Hiccups is a dark comedy about Leah, a young wife who dares escape her abusive husband Jake. She buys a gun, knowing it’s kill or die. To leave Jake alive means she’ll never be free. He’ll chase her down—not to bring her home this time but to kill her. Is he dead? Or did he survive? As she flees the death penalty state, she suspects she’s failed. She can practically feel her husband dogging her heels. Unbeknownst to Leah, Whitaker, a dedicated cop, possibly suffering...

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